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Sara has been Decluttering and Organizing for over 15 years. Ali joined the business to help serve more people in the Central Kentucky area with their decluttering needs!

We have found that clutter makes everything in your life more complicated. It makes you disorganized and robs you of your peace of mind. It will drain you mentally and physically. With less distraction our brains function better and our anxiety decreases. We believe there is freedom in living an organized life. When you banish clutter, you will create a harmonious living environment. We try to encourage people to listen to the wise voice within them that says..." If you begin it, you can do it." You may think a project is too great and will take forever...let us show you it isn't as tough as you thought.


Klutter Krucher serves Central Kentucky for all Decluttering, Organization, and Downsizing needs.

Make your messy home livable again and give us a call today!



Do you vow every year to clean out the clutter in your basement, attic, closets, playroom, home office or storage space? 

Well Organized Closet


Organize your closets, drawers, pantry, home office, etc. so you can find what you need and need what you find.

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 Are you moving? Is it time to toss things so you can free up more closet space for the new house?

Do you have a parent or loved one that is downsizing or moving to a retirement community?

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