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What Our Customers Say

Sara has the unique ability to make an otherwise brutal process of decluttering both fun and enjoyable! Her decision making and energy level allow her to accomplish in one day what it would take a team multiple. I can’t recommend Sara enough and have used her both personally and recommended her to my clients.

Brandon J

Sara is a true professional and made our moves so much easier! I was thankful and super happy after her services! I know Ali will be amazing too. I will use Klutter Krunchers again!
Kathy B

Sara orchestrated the downsizing of my home of 57 years to a retirement community. She decluttered my home, staged it for selling, then organized my move. I could never have done this without her. What a blessing this young lady was for me.  

Ralph A

I know Sara and Ali will help you with any projects you have! They are professional, hard working and caring! Let them help you declutter your life!

Kim B

Sara helped me declutter 20+ years of accumulation. My cabinets, closets and rooms look spacious and neat. My house would not have sold so quickly without Sara's help - absolutely the best money I've ever spent.

Glenn A

Sara works efficiently, effectively, pleasantly and precisely. She has decluttered two junk areas in my home, transforming them into livable and enjoyable spaces. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.   

Sylvia K 

Sara and Ali are golden. Wonderful humans that will take care of your needs. Extremely reliable, trustworthy, efficient, love serving others and really fare on pricing. I loved using there services and would highly recommend them. Life savers.
Nadine D

They both are extremely hard workers who genuinely cares about every person they serves. They are organized, efficient, strategic, and very knowledgeable. They are a straight shooter, which is so important when it comes to decluttering. You won’t find a better person to help you get organized, and you’re sure to share a few laughs with them along the way. Them are the only people I’d trust with my personal belongings and those of my friends & family, because they treat clients like family. The best decluttering business in Kentucky. 10/10 recommend!

Amanda T

Quite simply, Sara has turned my life around. I had become inactive after a series of health issues and had given up on ever getting my place organized and livable. I am so glad I found her! She cleaned out closets I hadn't looked at in 5 years. She helped me determine what items I should toss, give away, sell or keep. Then she took care of everything...she hauled away bag after bag of refuse, took books/DVD's to second hand book stores, delivered my used clothing to a local shelter for women, etc. And when it came time for my move, she did most of the packing. Now she has helped me unpack at my new place. It feels like home. I can now invite folks over to visit without apologizing for how my place looks. Thank you Sara, you helped me regain a part of myself that I thought I'd never see again...and you did it without any judgement at all.   ​

Mona C

Sara saved my sanity. She lent endless time, energy and efficiency to the organization of my home. Honestly, at first i was embarrassed to have anyone see my mess, let alone go through the endless clutter that had built up due to my over scheduled life.  I'm now able to enjoy stepping into my home and feel peace instead of chaos.  Thank you Sara!        

Ann B

After my divorce, I was left with 30 years of stuff and a smaller home...i was just surviving. I was overwhelmed in many areas of my life and Sara helped me purge, organize and create a I'm thriving! I put off the call WAY too long and was embarrassed to show her my mess. But she didn't hesitate to get started and together we tackled each room, each closet and even the dreaded garage where all the "miscellaneous" stuff landed. This is money well spent no matter how big or small a job you have - don't let "your stuff" keep you stuck anymore!                      

Lori G

Sara helped me declutter my entire home. I found her to be very efficient and was astonished at the amount of work she accomplished in a day's time. She helped me purge items that she was able to sell and donate.

Michele M

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